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Welcome to Delta Engineering

What We Are About

We are a quick turnaround Mechanical / Ocean engineering company that is an ideal solution to your temporary, specialized engineering requirements. All of our staff have engineering degrees, and are registered professional engineers. No task is too great or too small. Please contact us about any engineering or solid modeling requirements that you have.

Our Values

We believe that every project is an opportunity to develop a long-term relationship with our clients. By constantly delivering what we sell, and adhering to our core values, we forge long-term relationships that provide ongoing work opportunities throughout time. We take personal responsibility for the decisions we make every day. Honesty and Integrity must always be at the core of every decision we make. Both of these attributes are held in the highest regard at Delta Engineering, and will always guide us to "Do the Right Thing.

Our Vision

Delta Engineering takes a partnership approach to help promote economic growth and project success for our clients throughout their sphere of business influence. We work tirelessly to ensure that our projects are mutually successful for all, and endeavor to forge relationships that stand the test of time.

What Mechanical Engineers Do

Mechanical Engineers apply principles of mechanics, dynamics, and energy transfer to the design, analysis, testing, and manufacture of consumer and industrial products.

We create machines used in manufacturing, mechanical components of electronics, engines, power generating equipment, ocean structures, and many other products.

What Ocean Engineers Do

An Ocean Engineer researches, designs, and builds various types of marine equipment. We utilize knowledge of the physical and chemical properties of seawater to solve problems related to ocean research, transportation, and energy production.