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Delta Engineering's Client List

Below is a list of clients that Delta Engineering has performed engineering tasks for.

Aker Solutions, Mobile, AL:

    Used Abacus and SolidWorks to ensure drilling riser peripheral line testing tools complied with API, ANSI, ASME, and NACE standards.
    Designed a LMRP (lower marine riser package) test tool for pressurizing the inner bores of drilling risers so that riser seals and BOP functions could be tested.

American Covers, Inc., Mandeville, LA:

    Stress analyzed steel tent shelter structures to endure wind load ratings are met.

Computer Sciences Corporation, Stennis Space Center, MS:

    Designed safety equipment for space shuttle engine test stands.
    Ensured NASA test stand LOX run tanks complied with ASME section VIII, division 1 and 2.

FMC, Houston, TX:

    Tested wellhead seals, seal non-extrusion rings, and metal to metal seals.

Hargrove, Mobile, AL:

    Used the Caesar II pipe stress program to ensure stress in industrial piping systems meets ASME section 31.1 Power and Process Piping Code. Most of this work was for the Chevron Refinery in Pascagoula, MS.

Marathon Marine Engineering, Houston, TX:

    Ensured Jack-Up rigs complied with Department of Energy and Coast Guard regulations.

Naval Research Laboratory, Stennis Space Center, MS:

    Designed oceanographic equipment and deck machinery to be used by the Navy for conducting passive sonar tests. Made numerous sea trips to test this equipment.

Newport News Shipbuilding, Newport News, VA:

    Designed, specified, and stress analyzed deck machinery used on naval ships.

Sherman and Reilly, Inc., Chattanooga, TN:

    Designed equipment and hardware used by the power line construction industry, such as line tensioning equipment, sheaves, and pole line hardware.

Sii McEvoy, Houston, TX:

    Designed, specified, stress analyzed, and tested sub-sea wellhead equipment such as conductor housings, casing hanger packoffs, casing hanger lock-down mechanisms, wear bushings, wear bushing running tools, packoff setting and retrieval tools, casing hanger running tools, and wellhead housing running tools.

Teledyne Brown Engineering, Huntsville, AL:

    Used NASA’s computer program NASAMP to calculate, and keep records of, mass properties, center of mass, and moment of inertia of components and equipment used on NASA’s space shuttles.

SAIC, Stennis Space Center, MS:

    Used Matlab to analyze weather oceanographic and data for the National Data Buoy Center.

Metro Technical Services, Pascagoula, MS

    Calculated stress in ship propeller sand molds. Also calculated stress and deflection in refinery piping using Algor's Pipe Plus. Also performed stress and deflection on a modified 70 ton bridge crane yoke using Algor's finite element stress analysis software. The yoke had been modified to allow the use of a larger support hook. Results of the stress analysis were used to determine the yoke's strength reduction after modifications had been made.

Duke Levy and Associates, Waveland MS

    Used Algor's BOS Fluids to perform flow analysis on a subdivion's fire hydrant system. Results were used to ensure the fire hydrant system's compliance with local fire codes. Also performed stress analysis on a sewage treatment plant's roraty screen waldway using conventional stress analysis methods.