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Current and Completed Projects

The thumbnail pictures below are links to different web pages that give descriptions to some of the projects that the engineers at Delta Engineering have completed, or are working on.

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Project Information

If there is a project that we have worked on that is similar to a project you have, or are going to work on in the future, please contact us and we will do everything we can to assist you or share information.

Mechanical and Ocean Engineering Projects

The engineering staff at Delta Engineering has many years of successful project completion.

Our clients include Engineering companies and educational institutions engaged in oil field equipment tool design, ocean structures and exploration.

Completed and In Progress Projects

Some of the projects that we have completed, or are in progress include:*'SSMS' (In Situ Seabed Sediment Measurement System,'OBSP'(Ocean Bottom Surface Penetrator),'LMRP'(Lower Marine Riser Package), Armored Cable Termination for Sub-Sea Applications, etc. If you have a need that isn't shown on this page, please contact us so that we can discuss it.